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Web Development and Django Framework Course:

>Understanding web technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.
>Working on Database and SQL.
>Deep Understanding of Django Framework.
Who can attend?
>Freshers seeking career in Python Programming.
>Proffessions with Programming background.
>Working/experienced who want to explore Python Web Applications.

Web Development and Django Framework Syllabus:
CH3: Javascript
CH5: Database (SQLite/MySQL)
Adding Logic to Handle Database
Creating Database And Table
Inserting Data
Inserting Dynamic Data
Reading Data
Limit, Update, and Delete Data

CH1: Introduction to Django
What Is a Web Framework?
The MVC Design Pattern
Django’s History
CH2: Getting Started
Installing Django
Setting up a Database
Starting a Project
CH3: The Basics of Dynamic Web
Dynamic Content
Mapping URLs to Views
How Django Processes a Request
URLconfs and Loose Coupling
Dynamic URLs
CH4: The Django Template System
Template System Basics
Using the Template System
Basic Template Tags and Filters
Using Templates in Views
Template Loading
Template Inheritance
CH5: Interacting with a Database: Models
The MTV Development Pattern
Configuring the Database
Your First App
Defining Models in Python
Installing the Model
Basic Data Access
Adding Model String Representations