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Data Analytics Course:

>Understand Python environment and coding.
>Work on analytics tools like NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib.
>Understanding Analytics in depth.
Who can attend?
>Freshers with Python Programming knowledge.
>Proffessions with Programming background.
>Working/experienced who want to explore Python Environment.

Data Analytics Syllabus:
SECTION-1: Learning NumPy
NumPy basics
Shape manipulation
Copies and Views
Broadcasting rules
Indexing with array of indices
Indexing with boolean array
Indexing with strings
Linear algebra operations
Numpy benefits with matplotlib

SECTION-2: Pandas
Series and Dataframes
Creating dataframes from csv
Plotting csv data
Adding/deleting coulmns with index
Stack/Unstack/Transpose functions
Filtering & Sorting
Ways to calculate outliers
Reading data from SQL databases
Exporting data to txt/csv/excel
Visualization with matplotlib

SECTION-3: Matplotlib and Seaborn
Basics of graph plotting
Line plot
Scatter plot
Bar graph
Contour plot
Pie chart
Text plot
Multi plot
3D plotting